• Why doesn’t the mounting hardware come with the latch?
    • The mounting hardware for the gate pin (the part that goes on the gate) does come with the unit. However, we do not include mounting hardware with the stationary side because we are unaware of how the customer will be applying the latch. It may be a wood post, were screws are needed or it could be a pipe were U bolts would be needed.
  • Where do I find mounting hardware for the latch?
    • You can typically find mounting hardware at any local hardware store.
  • Does Co-Line offer lockable and non-lockable gate latches?
    • No, Co-Line offers lockable latches.
  • Can I mount the 2 way gate latch (R-158-2L) between two operational swinging gates?
    • We do not recommend the two way latch be applied between two operational gates. The latch works best when it is mounted to a secure stationary post.
  • How do I find a dealer near me?
    • Call customer service at 1-800-373-7761 and we can locate the closest dealer in your area! 

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